Fires in Budens (June 2020)

Our local Bombeiros need our support

First signs over QEV
Fortunately the wind direction was only a few degrees off a direct hit
Hillside behind QDM
Over the rooftops of QEV, late afternoon
The fire made the evening news all over Portugal
Taken from the top of the GSA resort
The fire burns all through the night (we were ready to evacuate if necessary)
After Vale de Boi was evacuated, the fire was finally brought under control during the night at the Bensafrim junction (Herbie’s garage had a very lucky escape)
Still at work the following morning. Smaller fires were breaking out all day
The size of the area devastated by fire
By the following morning the control centre has moved from Pedralva to QEV
Even the local school played its part
Despite the blue skies this is day three and the Bombeiros are still on watch
..and in Barão São Miguel (all night)
The Bombeiros managed to save nearly all the isolated houses in the area
Unfortunately these two small houses outside Barão São Miguel were not so lucky
The families escaped with their children and dogs safely. They are still looking for their cats

Please help support the Bombeiros

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